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Facts About Motivation Partially Fueled by Desires

Motivation and desires usually walk side by side because you can’t achieve something you really desire unless you are motivated. At the same time, motivations are fueled by many other factors besides your desires to achieve something. Here are some things you need to know about motivation and how it is fueled by desires.

5 Myths Uncovered About Motivation Partially Fueled by Desires

  1. Your desire for money is not good

The myth is that money is never a good motivator as can lead to immoral acts out of greed. There are people who use the desire for money ethically to have a successful life and achieve financial freedom.

  1. Being smart means you no longer need to be motivated

You may be looking to try to achieve your desires knowing that you are smart enough to achieve them. Still, intelligence is not enough to achieve your desires if you are not motivated.

  1. Vision is better than action

One of the things you need to do to succeed and achieve your desires is to visualize success. You need to know, however, that vision without action can never be enough. Anyone should be motivated enough to achieve his visions and to use his desires to become motivated.

  1. The greater the rewards, the greater the motivation

Motivation may be partially fueled by desire but that doesn’t always mean that greater desires, in the form of rewards, equal more motivation. The reward has to resonate with you and be deemed valuable to entice you to achieve it. There are other factors that influence your motivation besides desire and reward.

  1. Fear and motivation walk hand in hand

If you are someone leading a group of people, you should know that fear can never be a great way to motivate people. Instead, use their desires to motivate them rather than trying to make them work hard using fear or punishments.

The Unconventional Guide to Extrinsic Motivations

Extrinsic motivation is what we call external reward-driven behavior. This means that you are driven by an external reward rather than a reward from within you. As such, this is where the concept of motivation fueled by desire comes in.

So, is extrinsic motivation effective? To some extent, yes. Scientists have also discovered that big rewards don’t always lead to a more motivated person because desires alone are not enough to motivate someone. There is room for extrinsic motivation while allowing intrinsic motivation to co-exist.

If you are a leader or a manager, the best way to make use of extrinsic motivation is to make sure that you reward people strategically in a personalized way, while also allowing them to find intrinsic motivation on their own. 

It is best to use an extrinsic motivator that a person actually values and not just any reward. For example, some people may be looking for a monetary reward such as a pay rise, others may be looking for flexible working hours or even public recognition within the organization.

The key is to know what are the external motivators to that person so that the reward is meaningful and truly motivates.

7 Insane (But True) Things About Traits Necessary To Accomplish Goals

  1. Self-reliance

It might be good to learn how to rely on others but people who are able to accomplish goals primarily rely on themselves. That’s why self-reliance should be something you should develop if you want to learn how to succeed. An example of self-reliance is to follow through the steps to achieve a goal.

  1. Vision

Learning how to visualize your goals is a good way for you to succeed. That’s why you need to have a vision at the start so that you have something to work hard and strive for. There are people that simply use mental visualization in their mind however, the ones who use physical visual boards such as photos are more likely to persevere.

  1. Focus

The more focused you are, the more likely you are able to find a way to motivate yourself. This can be in the form of keeping the prize in minds such as an external desired reward, something within yourself such as self-fulfilment, or both ideally.

  1. Flexibility

People who are primed to achieve goals are capable to adjust to any situation by being flexible enough. This is especially important when adversities come and the results are not what initially predicted. Stay on course and use any obstacles to your advantage.

  1. Courage

Being brave to face your fears and to overcome the things that you were too afraid to do can help you achieve your goals. That’s why courage is an important trait to have for success. The growth happens when you are outside your comfort zone so, take the leap.

  1. Confidence

The more confident you are, the more likely you are to face difficulties as you have trust in yourself. Don’t let criticism demoralize you.

  1. Enthusiasm

The only way to keep yourself motivated in achieving your goals is to keep enthusiastic about what you are doing. When you are happy with your venture it will be easier to keep going as energizes you further.

9 Ways Goal Dream Personal Motivations Can Make You Rich

Goals are important. Always have a goal so that you can motivate yourself to attain it. It is impossible to arrive at the destination if you don’t have one..

Always have a reason why. When you have a reason to do things, you will always have a reason to keep yourself going.

Positive reinforcement will always be better than fear. Positively reinforce yourself with affirmations in the hard times.

Engagement. Keep yourself engaged in what you are doing and you will be able to keep yourself motivated.

Find creativity in any of the tasks you do. That’s because when you are doing something creative, it is easier for you to find the motivation to do it.

Know yourself so that it is better to believe in yourself. That is what intrinsic motivation is all about.

Always develop the skills needed in your sector for you to excel in your area. It could be by reading a book, a seminar, a course, or getting a mentor. Having the skills required will give you the leverage needed.

Keep your emotions in check. Emotions lead to impulsive actions that may harm your personal motivations. Do not take important decisions in the heat of the moment. Let your emotions cool down and sleep over it. Use your emotions in your favor and learn to be emotionally intelligent.

Take care of yourself. No matter how motivated you may be, you should never forget to eat right, sleep well, and rest. You need to be physically well and mentally sound to conquer the World! There is no reward that worth self-neglect.

The Goals You Committed to Will Set You up to Achievement

Knowing your goals will allow you to achieve success. As the saying goes, the body will achieve what the mind can conceive. The more you focus your mind on your goals, the more likely your body will follow.

Find the motivation, both intrinsic and extrinsic, to keep yourself moving towards success. Commit to the goals that made you start in the first place and continue to the end. By doing so you are setting yourself up to achieve your dreams of success.

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