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 Don’t Hold Back Your Aspirations And Keep Your Motivation Going!

Keep pursuing your dreams and never lose focus on what you want in life. Bear in mind we only live once!

Spending quality time with your Family and loved ones, is the best thing you can do in this World.

The memories and experiences shared will be treasured forever.

We live in a fast paced World where you can easily forgo what you always wanted to or aspired to be.

One thing you always have to remember is that there is a prize at the end of the race, which may not be working right now. The results are not always seen during the journey. 

You know the feeling and satisfaction that you get when you complete something successfully.

You feel proud and accomplished. Your confidence gets a boost too.

I have been the person that friends and family always call when they need a bit motivation, advice and inspiration. 

We have decided to share with You a bit of our experience and knowledge here.

Having traveled to a few different countries gives us a different perspective of life.

Regardless of how small and simple things may seem it always make a difference in life.

keep going and you will get there. It is not about conquering the World in one day.

It is about small baby steps in the right direction. Consistency and persistence are key to achievement.

Our mission

Our Mission is to share with you thoughts and ideas to help you live a more meaningful and fulfilled life.




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Frequently asked questions

How do you Stay Motivated as a Blogger?

Yes,  life as a blogger can be lonely, sometimes down, and you don’t feel like writing, It’s all part of life, to overcome that you need to  fall back to your favorite music to energize you, dancing, watch inspirational videos or read content that reminds you why you are doing what you do. Go for anything that makes you feel better and inspired.   

What is the real reason you want to achieve a certain goal?
We are all influenced by people and other external factors around us. Take a moment and analyze why you decided to achieve that goal. Is it really what you wish to pursue or you feel external pressures to do it? Unfortunately, it is very common to do things, our heart is not set on, out of fear of disappointing or being rejected / not loved. It takes self-awareness and courage to face reality and make decisions on our own. Now is a great time for you to listen to yourself!
Why New Year resolutions often fail?
Many of us take the arrival of a New Year to make changes and resolutions. What we forget is that any day is a new clean slate to start better! There is no need to wait or procrastinate until another year comes! Often the New Year resolutions fail because there was not enough preparation for success. Another reason for underachievement of a goal might be that you don’t have a strong why (reason) to accomplish it. When this is a case rather than finding a way to pursue it, excuses are found! At the end of the day, “When there is a Will, there is a Way!”

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