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Building Resilience Will Help Your Future

Being resilient is one way for you to be able to succeed in the future because someone who is resilient can quickly recover from difficult challenges ahead.

So, let’s get to know more about how resilience can help your successful future.

Doing Resilience the Right Way (Skill or Trait)?

While resilience is something that you should have if you want to succeed in the future, can it be intrinsic in a person (trait) or is it something that can be learned and developed (skill)?

A study, involving children that went through difficulties in life, found that resilience can be taught or learned.

Being resilient is about your emotional strength and intelligence in difficult situations.

You can develop resilience by learning coping mechanisms that will help you take better control of your emotions.

While there are people who are naturally more resilient and those who have become quite resilient over time because they were exposed to hardships at an early age, you can still develop this skill to manage your emotional response to life’s hardships.

What Everyone Is Saying About Practical Tips for Resilience

Building Resilience Can Help You Predict the Future

Here are some practical tips that will help you become more resilient:

Recognize that you are struggling and accept it. This is the first step so you can take action to resolve it.

Realize that there have been times in the past where you have been resilient. Everyone develops resilience at some point. All you have to do is to remember yours if you overcame issues before you can do it again. Believe you can do it!

Fix the situation as soon as possible. No situation will fix itself therefore, start taking steps to resolve it.

Focus on your strengths rather than on your weaknesses. Trust your strengths as they will be useful in difficult times. Your weaknesses will only hold you down.

Ask for help but also make sure that you don’t rely on others too much. When you reach for support you find it easier to tackle problems as you discussed it out loud with someone else. As a saying goes: “a problem shared is a problem halved”.

Ask help from the ones willing to help. You will know you you can trust and has your best interest at heart.

Take a break. It is usually good to try to solve things as they arise however if you are too emotionally involved at that point take a step back. You need to cool down your emotions to see matters more objectively and rationally.

Be nicer to yourself. Realize that you have already gone through so much and that you have become stronger because of the things you went through. All of the adversities in life have made you more resilient. Try to build yourself up.

Why Mom Was Right About Building Resilience

When I was growing up, my mom always told me to never give up, in the middle of a bad situation no matter what and that it was alright to ask for help whenever needed. 

Mom advised me to try to resolve the issues and to do my best the next time around without quitting right in the middle. 

Her wisdom helped me become a more resilient person once I realized that all the things that happened to me, while I was growing up, helped me become mentally stronger.

Resilience starts being developed and built up from a young age.

That’s why your mom told you to pick yourself back up whenever you stumbled while playing around when a child. Something as simple as that started shaping your resilience. 

All you have to do is to keep developing your resilience and keep on moving forward so you are stronger for the future challenges life has for you.

There are no mistakes, they are all learnings. The key is to take the lesson from any experience.

Main areas to develop resilience in life and work

Building Resilience Can Help You Predict the Future

Here are some of the key areas you need to develop resilience when it comes to your life and your work

Develop resilience in your sense of purpose. We all have a purpose in life, and it is up to us to find that. When we have a sense of purpose, we become more resilient.

Your self-esteem is very important when you want to be more resilient. The more confident you are about yourself, the easier it will be to stay strong amidst adversities.

Being flexible to embrace changes in life allows you to be someone who can bounce back after a tough moment in life. This is particularly important in situations that you cannot control. The focus should be on what you can control.

Staying positive as having an optimistic mindset makes it easier for you to be resilient.

Keep taking care of yourself no matter what. It might be important to fight the good fight but always remember to check your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

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