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Ever wondered why do YOU lack motivation?

If you ever wondered why do you lack motivation or purpose in your life and, most importantly, you wish you were more motivated then this post is for you!

People lack motivation as they feel lost and unencouraged – like they have no direction. You may lack motivation as you are too distracted by the various media around and into believing that your life should be perfect.

Motivation is something everyone wants. It can make or break a person’s determination to finish a task. What if I told you that one of the most crucial factors in being motivated is your decision to make it happen.

It’s a fine peak on a typical day. You wake up, shower, go to work, answer emails and put in some overtime for the weekend. You go home, cook dinner and watch TV before you head to bed.

The next day, you repeat the same pattern. I can bet that it is not the first time you have had a lazy day in your life. Did you even know this could be considered motivation? Most people lack self-perception, which means they don’t understand themselves well enough to be able to tell how motivated they are. How important is motivation to you?

We have heard a lot of speeches, lectures, some inspiring and some boring from our teachers while studying in college. This article will surely give you a new perspective about motivation.

If you can’t get yourself to do what you are supposed to do and you keep procrastinating, it means you lack motivation. This may also mean that what you have at hand is not important or meaningful enough to make you move forward. You see no point or meaning to it therefore, there is no passion or spark for what you have in hand!

Why Motivation is Important in Sport?

Motivation for success and achievement has been a matter of intense debate for decades. The various media have saturated our minds with such an overwhelming amount of information that many find it impossible to arrive at resolute conclusions. Still, we can get an idea of what motivates people to change their ways of life in their favor. Sports in no exception!

Over the centuries, motivation has played a crucial role in achieving success. Too much information may not be a good thing to have, so keep it simple and keep the focus on your goal. The importance of motivation was identified in sports, where the coaches keep pushing their athletes to achieve more by using positive psychology and motivators. It is no longer just about your physical body, energy, and strength. A positive mindset with the right motivators will help you achieve more than ever before. It is especially true for high competition sports and at the Olympic level with new records and heights conquered.

Self-motivation Importance?

Motivation is a result of our thoughts, emotions, behavior, and environment. Motivating people to achieve goals is not something to take lightly. Some erroneously believe that simply telling others what they want to hear will make a difference. I don’t believe this is true.

Scientists are getting closer to identifying the factors that contribute to our motivation for achievement. Millions of people want to change, but they don’t know how to achieve it and that’s why they fail.

Self-motivation is important as it is like having your own energy power bank to strive through. You are your own cheerleader. You no longer outsource external incentives to keep going. Self-motivation is your secret weapon and best asset. Using your own personal motivators (known as internal or intrinsic motivators) is usually more powerful than external motivators. If you have both internal and external motivators it is your best recipe to success!

If you ever felt unmotivated to achieve success, no matter how much you tried you need to tap within yourself on the reasons why you want to do it. Your true and strong WHY will propel you to move further and beyond. History is replete with examples of achievers who were able to achieve greatness despite shortcomings and obstacles. Motivation isn’t a huge mystery at all. With the right approach, any individual can learn to be motivated to succeed. Make sure you find your own reason within and you will never need to look outside!

The benefit of Motivation in life?

The main benefits of motivation in life are happiness, confidence, satisfaction, sense of accomplishment, self-worth, and purpose which translates into a better quality of life.

Mentors have a lot to offer as they can help you get out of your shell, giving you the encouragement and belief that YOU can achieve your goals. This newfound motivation drives you to accomplish all sorts of goals you previously thought were impossible just because you believed in yourself.

Why Motivation Important for Students?

We often make it a moral right for students to be motivated. A primary function of motivation is to synthesize the will, the ability and opportunity to do things, and the will & ability to apply them.

We may not think of it often, but motivation is in fact a basic human need. It can be present in three forms – the will, the ability, and the opportunity. Everyone has the potential to be self-motivated, and yet today we find ourselves unmotivated more often than not. To understand why is to keep our eyes open to see what triggers our motivation.

Teachers try hard to make students learn or make them motivated, but mostly doesn’t work. The reason that students lack motivation may be caused by feel isolated and repressed. Also, the fact students are always told what they should do in schools is not a motivator. Moreover, there is no involvement of the students to have some say and control over what is being given to them.

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