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How Encouragement Can Help You Live a Better Life? (Read this First!)

In life, you may go through the day without hearing any encouraging comments or remarks.

In fact, you may be criticized by others or you may even criticize yourself. You probably already know what criticism feels like. It can create feelings of insecurity, anger, embarrassment, depression, or resentment.

What you may not fully realize is that criticism can discourage you from learning new things. In the pressures of daily life, you may forget the power of encouragement.

Encouragement benefits both the giver, who feels more positive, and the receiver who feels more able to succeed.

In this article, we will have a look at the role that encouragement can play in helping you live a better life. Read on to find out more as will be an insightful read. H

How encouragement promotes good behavior

Encouragement plays a major role in promoting good behavior. It’s one of those tools that can help bring out the best in you and unlock untapped potential.

As benefits both giver and receiver it is a win-win situation therefore, it should be used unsparingly.

Here are some of the ways in which encouragement can help bring out good behavior in you!

1. It can help change your perspective to a more positive one

When you are in the midst of challenges, it’s easy to get confused. It can lead you to have a negative outlook on things.

Your desire to survive may make you unable to see the bigger picture, and it often leads you to make wrong decisions.

A word of encouragement, from others or yourself, can help calm you down and make you stop to analyze what’s going on in your life. It’ll help you trust yourself and reinforce a sense of positivity.

2. It promotes hard work

Words of affirmation and encouragement can promote a sense of validity.

The acknowledgment through encouragement will usually instill hard work and increase the effort you put into your tasks.

This will cultivate a sense of pride and hard work which is a desirable behavior trait.

3. It gives hope

When you are at your lowest, you tend to withdraw from other people because you may fear their judgment.

Words of encouragement can help bring hope. That might be the spark you may need and guide you in the right direction in life.

Observing life through a positive lens will make you feel more energetic and hopeful. There are always better days to come! So make sure to have your pink glasses on 🙂

4. It can build and restore self-confidence

Society uses encouragement as a form of showing you that people have confidence in you and your abilities.

This can help create a go-getter mentality which is a positive behavioral trait. Sometimes we need others to remind us of our worth, especially when we are having self-doubt moments.

5. It can raise self-esteem

Encouraging is a form of sharing happy thoughts that turn into double happiness! Giving, as well as receiving encouragement, can make you feel better about yourself.

In order to understand ourselves, it is useful to get feedback on how others see us.

This way we build our identity and our self-esteem and improve ourselves and our behavior. We are usually our worst critics! Let’s learn to be kinder!

6. It keeps you motivated

Some days, it’s hard to stay motivated.

The good news is that it’s usually easier to encourage other people on those days than it is yourself.

By encouraging others, you inadvertently bring positive energy to you which helps you stay inspired and motivated.

Words of encouragement to broken relationships

The pain of going through a breakup cannot be taken away however, it can be eased by words of encouragement.

That’s why it’s important to encourage anyone who may be coming out of a broken relationship.

Encouragement can alleviate negative feelings such as hopelessness, sadness, doubt, and guilt.

Here are some words of encouragement that can be useful in case you are going through a broken relationship, be it with a spouse, a friend, or a family member.

● To be able to move on, you have to forgive not only the person/people who have done wrong but also yourself.

● Life is about making the right decisions and moving on.

● You have to forgive to forget and forget to feel again.

● It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.

● If you really love someone set it free. If it comes back it’s yours. Otherwise, it was not

meant to be .

● Some people think that it’s holding on that makes one strong. Sometimes, it’s letting go.

● Letting go doesn’t mean you don’t care about someone anymore.

Following breakups, you usually introspect and analyze looking for what went wrong.

You need to realize that sometimes people come to our lives to teach us lessons and help us grow. Not everyone is meant to stay in your life.

All in all, words of encouragement during such a hard time may be just what you need to get out of your shell and move on.

The only person you have total control over is yourself so remember to self-care and be gentle with your self-talk.

How Hollywood got encouragement on your families all wrong!

Hollywood is portraying a perfect world, with a sense of glitz and glamor, rather than it really is.

These inaccuracies become a problem when they lead to ignorance around certain life issues.

Watching Hollywood encourages people to live in a fantasy world instead of encouraging them to get up and chase their dreams.

Some movies, especially family ones, even promote the culture of criticism instead of encouragement. So in essence,

Hollywood promotes a warped idea of consumerism encouragement based on superficial matters such as being skinny and fashionable like the models.

You need to ensure that only the good values and principles are picked up from Hollywood!

What would the world be like if the Gift of Encouragement didn’t exist?

In today’s world, something that is often missing is encouragement.

Most people tend to find faults in each other and focus on what needs to be fixed in their behaviors and attitudes instead of trying to encourage each other.

So what would happen if there was no encouragement in this world?

1. There would be no faith in humanity

Encouragement breeds faith and hope as you feel motivated to keep ongoing.

Please remember to incorporate genuine encouragement into your day.

It might not mean much to you at start but might mean the world to the receiver! Let’s take care and look after each other. It is about building and lifting someones day/life.

2. There would be no incentive to keep improving

You wouldn’t feel complelled to self improvement in whaterver area of your life. There would be no desire to work hard and achieve more and better things in life.

3. There would be poor judgement of yourself

In the absence of encouragement, the level of trust you have in yourself to achieve certain tasks would be non-existent.

You like, and sometimes need, to be reminded that you are important and matter in life.

You have a better sense of yourself through meaningful connections such as in encouragement conversations.

4. There would be poor decision making

Without encouragement in the world, your discernment may become clouded and you would end up making poor decisions.

It is easier to find solutions to problems when we have a positive head space. Let’s ensure you keep seeing the glass half full!

5. There would be less kindness

Encouragement breeds good relations between you and other people. So without this in the world, there would be no kindness among people.

By encouraging yourself, as well as others, you set a healthy environment where everyone feels motivated to go on with life.

What if encouragement could build your inner strength and happiness?

Inner strength is a psychological resource that promotes well-being and facilitates healing.

It can help you protect yourself against adversity by maintaining a positive, hopeful, and optimistic attitude. So how would this be affected by encouragement? With encouragement, you can reinforce your inner strength.

Anytime you face a challenge, you will develop a positive, optimistic, and hopeful outlook on things which will contribute to make better decisions.

Inner happiness is a result of inner peace. Achieving it is a long and laborious journey.

The truth is that when you encourage others as well as get encouraged yourself, you get a feeling of inner peace. So encouragement could go a long way in helping you achieve a sense of inner strength and happiness.

All in all, encouragement is an important aspect of life. You should not only look forward to receiving words of encouragement but also giving out words of encouragement.

It is time to put in practice and start to have the ritual of encouraging someone everday. You will boost yourself and collect lots of smiles too 🙂

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