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Stop procrastination

When people always use to quote this about procrastination, I thought that oh it was a lie. But no, it is no lie that procrastination is the thief of time. You still may be wondering why it is a thief of time.

For instance, you have work to do now but because it is too little or too much you will be like ”Oh I will do it tomorrow” then the following day you have another work to do and you keep postponing it . That is what we call Procrastination. Before you realize the whole day or week has ended and you have done nothing.

Procrastination is all fun until it begins stealing your time slowly.
What if I do this later?
What if I do it tomorrow?
That is how it all begins. So be assertive and start working. Stop procrastinating because time awaits no man. If you are to work start doing it now. No matter how little or too much the work get it done.
Takes one step at a time and before you realize you are on top of the stairs. Tell yourself that I will do it and, I am ready, I will get this job done.

Remember procrastination is a bad habit and bad habits are hard to kill
There are four (4) types of procrastinators; the anxious one, the fun one, the “I have got plenty of time” one, and the perfectionist.

The anxious one is one who overthinks about everything, they are like” this is too much I have other things to do when will I finish everything” and then before they realize they have procrastinated. They also fear they might not be able to complete the task probably because it is too much.

The fun one is one who does not want to do anything they just want to idle around doing things they think are fun.
The “I have got plenty of time” are those who feel they own the world’s time. So instead of doing it now, they go about procrastinating, and by the time they realize all time has been wasted.

The perfectionist, these ones think they have to get the job done perfectly. They are the type of people who want to start a business when everything is in perfect shape.
Procrastination is a real thief of time. Get the work done no matter how little or too much it may seem to get it done.

What are you waiting for?
Time waits for no one so get the job done now.
If the work is too much take breaks but does not delay it.
Trust me although it is hard it is worth it. Do you want the pain of failure or the pain of getting the job done to get over with?

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