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Ways To Make Motivational Jar Ideal For Success!

When I was in high school, I remember hearing about something called a motivational jar. I have never done it, but it sounded like something that would help me in my quest to be successful.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know anyone who used this technique so I didn’t have any clue of how it worked or if it actually worked. Days and weeks passed and luckily for me, that thought didn’t slip my mind. Fast forward a few years, I stumbled upon the power of motivation jar. While there are tons of motivational quotes already out there, the motivation jar is something different. Are words you choose that are relevant and meaningful to you.

What do you write in a message jar?

Do you have trouble coming up with a message when you stick notes, photos, coupons, and other mementos in your family’s Message Jar? Looking for more words of encouragement for your message Jar? Get in touch with your emotions and feelings to create your own message jar.

Write down your progress, ask yourself out loud what you want for the day, and thank yourself. The message jar is awesome because it serves as a reminder of where you are and where you want to go which is great to keep you motivated.

Putting notes and inspirational thoughts inside a jar can help you regain focus, particularly when you’re down.

Messages for motivational jars keep me going over the hump and, hopefully, push me to finish my everyday tasks. Financial independence tastes sweeter through these simple rewards waiting for me at home.

Sample list of messages

  • Keep it simple (and positive)
  • Use a shallow container
  • Make sure it’s easily accessible
  • Write a positive thought or action every day
  • Share at the end of the week
  • Be grateful for what you have (rather than thinking you might be missing out on something better)
  • Positive and uplifting quotes
  • Things that remind you of your goals
  • Happiness notes from my loved ones

Happy jar ideas for best friend/boyfriend?

Do you know simple and effective way in which you can improve your mood, even when your life is pretty rough? As a matter of fact, it’s very easy.

All you need to do is develop the best happy jar list. Yes, you’ve read this correctly – there is a way for you to become happier and achieve what you want in life, even if things aren’t going very well at the moment.

This article will describe for you what are the ingredients that should go into your happy jar list and will give tips on how to fill the jars.

Write New Goals based on the happy jar:

  • make a list of your goals and ideas about having a great day
  • create a list of things that make you happy, then add your thoughts
  • create a list of wishes and choose one wish for each day
  • add some pictures that inspire you
  • when someone shares something with you, whether good or bad, write it down in the jar and share it with your partner

Fill 2 jars with your best friends and one with your boyfriend, family, or partner.

Every morning write notes of encouragement and love to the person in the jar a
Feel free to add other people to your jar or keep the jar filled for just one person.

The notes should be about inspiration, things you love about that person, a secret you want to tell, funny memories, plans you have, or anything else that will be uplifting.

Starting a jar will remind you of how blessed you are and that you have many reasons to be grateful for. Also, it will help you build better relationships as you share your thoughts, ideas and feelings. Go ahead and try it for yourself!

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