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Secrets about Building Happiness, Resilience & Motivation

Life is all about trying to find something that keeps you going even when you just want to quit.

Three things stand in this position, happiness, resilience, and motivation. Although sometimes life gets tough, you must find happiness in every situation, strength to endure the difficulties, and the drive to forge ahead. 

A View about the Relationship between Resilience & Motivation

In life, we encounter physical, financial, emotional, or social challenges that can lower our motivation.

To help to deal with issues that life brings us we need to build resilience. Resilience is the capacity to bounce back from a challenge and press on with your journey.

It is important to face the challenges head-on, deal with them and adapt.

On the other hand, motivation is the inner urge to achieve a certain goal. It is the inner drive or desire to act in a certain manner that results in achieving a set target. We can find motivation by finding out what inspires us.

Motivation and resilience interrelate as one is a prerequisite of the other. For you to be motivated, you need to be resilient.

Resilient people build good habits and make effort towards achieving their goals. Even though the body might resist at first,

it takes motivation to be able to take action consistently every single day. If you want to be resilient you have to motivate yourself to take action, focus on the process and stick to your plan.  

How Cultivating Motivation & Resilience Made Me a Better Person

Secrets about Building Happiness, Resilience & Motivation

I was struggling with achieving my goals and I was always finding excuses for not meeting targets. One day I woke up and saw a quote that changed my view of the world.

Hold fast to dreams For if dreams die Life is a broken-winged bird That cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams For when dreams go Life is a barren field Frozen with snow.

Langston Hughes poetry

I was in so much trouble because of not meeting deadlines at work. I decided I had had enough. I was going to stop finding excuses for everything and instead developed good habits.

I decided to cultivate my motivation and resilience for a better version of myself.

The motivation was all I needed to set a good plan. I put up a weekly plan broken down into goals to achieve every single day.

Having a plan made it easier for me to achieve small goals that became one big goal at the end of the week.

At first, it was difficult for me to follow through with my plan. I fed my mind with positive inspiration that motivated me to take action even when my body was resisting.

I become a better person as I proved myself I was able to plan, follow-through, and achieve.

My attitude towards life was more positive and I learned to celebrate every little accomplishment. Mistakes made along the way were learnings that I accepted as part of the process.

At the end of the month, I met and exceeded the goals I had set at work and also helped other people around me.

Not only was I more productive, but I was also more energetic and confident in myself.

Insane (But True) Things about Physical Resilience & Motivation

Physical resilience is the ability of the body to adapt and quickly recover when faced with any form of challenge. There are some interesting facts about physical resilience that are not widely known.

One of the insane but true facts is that physical resilience is influenced by multiple factors such as the stressor agent, genetics, environment, life experiences, motivation, psychological, emotional, and social factors.

One might be resilient to one type of stressor and fail at the other. People cope differently when it comes to stressors.

What you consider a small challenge might be a big challenge to somebody else. Also, the same stressor can generate a different response from the same person at different stages of life.

To help you to adapt through tough times here are seven skills of resilience:

  • Cultivating a belief in one’s ability to cope
  • Staying connected to support sources
  • Talking about the stressful situation
  • Being helpful
  • Cultivating positive emotions
  • Having a survivorship attitude
  • Seeking meaning

On the other hand, an interesting fact about motivation is that it can extrinsic, intrinsic, introjected, or identified.

All these are sources motivation can come from. Extrinsic motivation comes from a force outside us.

Intrinsic motivation comes from deep within you. The internal reasons motivate you to do things for either pleasure or value. As for introjected motivation, it is fueled by inner forces that cause guilt if the action is not executed.

Identified motivation is when you know you need to do something but you have not decided to take action.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Why Do People Think Achievement, Motivation & Resilience Are A Good Idea?

Secrets about Building Happiness, Resilience & Motivation

Achievement, motivation, and resilience are always good ideas because they help you to meet and exceed targets, triumph when faced with obstacles, and improve your skills every day. 

Motivation is the urge that makes you take action and develop healthy habits. When you lack motivation, try and find what makes you feel alive and happy.

Turn into positive affirmations for some inspiration and avoid dwelling on past disappointments.  

Motivation and resilience are key to every achievement you plan to make. When you are resilient, you cultivate habits that help you to cope better during hardships.

Unmotivated people are generally underachievers and tend to be overwhelmed by stressors like medical emergencies, illness, financial problems, grief, and other difficulties life throws at them.

To ensure you start achieving your goals find your motivation and develop your resilience! Don’t be afraid to fail in the process as that will make you more resilient. 

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